Stari Grad

In 384 B.C. here was happened history birth of the unique city of Faros. It was at the beginning of 99th ancient Olympics, following the arrival by sea of some Ionian Hellenics from the Cyclades island of Paros in the Aegean who come to the Adriatic and „having settled by the sea, founded a city“. It was the first Greek polis in the Adriatic, known as Pharos, with its laws, administration and money.
sgrad-skorBy arriving now in this town, built on the site of a felicitous embrace of the long blue bay and a fertile, monument – laden plain, one begins to share a captivating past, lasting several milennia, a past that still shapes the lives of its inhabitants, as well as of all the welcome guests.
Each stone of the former city walls and all the archaeological finds, tell the story of the long life of this ancient town. This is also true of the streets, the squares, churches and palaces, as well as of the new buildings and modern hotels.
The valuable tradition is endorsed on the one hand by the works of some of its distinguished past citizens and on the other by sgrad-skor our knowledge of the historical documents such as the inscription chiselled on the monument of the victorious founders of the city, which indicates that in the bay of Faros we have had the first recorded naval event on the Croatian side of the Adriatic, and that in the heart of Dalmatia, in city of Faros we find the stone cradle of the first written word on Croatian soil.
In its Mediterranean setting and an authentic cultural milieu, this town is recognized above all by its sound, colour, shape, word and light, by the beauty which gave rise to an ever flowing stream of impression, provoking further curiosity and making it possible for the cultural achievements and the identity of this island town to be always newly discovered.
Thus, it is not suprising to witness the firm resolve of all those who chance to come here: „I will come back to STARI GRAD FAROS!


Visit the official site of the City of Stari Grad and the Tourist Board of Stari Grad and learn more about the oldest city on the Croatian territory, or to Hvar said Paiz.