Rules of the CILDSC

Rules of the CILDSC – Faros Marathon

1. The competition is held every year on the established track along the Stari Grad bay, on the last Saturday in August. Track length is 16,000 m.
2. The competition is based in invitations. Women and men who are over the age of 14 and members of swimming and long distance swimming clubs in Croatia or international federations, may participate in the competition.
Exceptionally, the Organizing Committee may allow the participation of a maximum one swimmer under the age of 14 if he is eligible to compete by ranking in the Cro-Cup.
Women and men under the age of 18 must have their parents’ signed permissions and statements, taking full responsibility for them competing, which is not transferable to the Sports association CILDSC – Stari Grad even in the case of force majeure, and a confirmation by a sports physician on being medically fit to compete.
From each country, with the exception of Croatia, a maximum of two swimmers may participate. Exceptionally, the Organizing Committee can allow more swimmers to participate if it is in the interest of this competition. Apart from the invited competitors, the first 5 male and 3 female swimmers from the current ranking in the absolute category of the Cro-Cup of the Croatian Long Distance Swimming Federation are allowed to participate in the competition. Organizing Committee may award a maximum of  3 special invitations (wild cards) to swimmers from Croatia. The maximum number of participants is 35 swimmers.
Men and women compete at the same time, but the results are evaluated separately.
3. Each contestant takes full responsibility for their performances in this competition, it is not transferable to the Organizing Committee even in the case of force majeure.
4. Participation in the competition shall be registered with the prescribed application form which contestants submit to the Organizing Committee no later than the end of July. The application must include all the required information, including sports, which are entered and certified by the home club or federation responsible for the accuracy of statements and in the attachment to the application form it is mandatory to submit a birth certificate and proof of the competitor’s medical fitness.
Applications which do not meet these criteria and those that arrive after the said period shall be deemed as not filed.
5. Competitors are required to access medical screening in the host city one day before the competition.
6. Time limit of the competition is two hours more than the time of the winner.
Competitors who do not reach the finish line in this period will be disqualified.
7. Competitors are not allowed to touch a boat during the contest, or a paddle, or a person (in a boat or offshore), nor is any tool to be used. For the violation, the chief referee imposes a penalty of exclusion from the race.
8. Each contestant from the start is followed by the ship of the Organizing Committee with the official persons. It is recommended that the coach or a representative of the club or federation is also there.
9.  In the course of events, refreshments are provided and are given at the request of competitors.
10.  All athletes with a companion are entitled to free board in the host city as follows: competitors outside Croatia may have seven, and competitors from Croatia three days.
11. Six contestants will receive compensation for travel costs: three women and three men who win first, second and third place. The winners in the men’s and women’s competition get 1020 euros each.
12. For success in the competition three women and three men who win first, second and third place are awarded a sports medal – Medal of the Croatian Long Distance Swimming Federation. 23 participants, 9 women and 14 men who win the first 9 (14) places receive cups, and all candidates who arrive to the finish line within the stipulated time (see Article 6.) receive a testimonial of participation.
13. The Organizing Committee has the right to amend the provisions of these Rules.

The Organizing Committee