Faros marathon – member of IMSHOF

The Faros Maratón Swim is  the annual Croatian International Long Distance Swimming Championships, a 16-kilometer race from Stari Grad to Faros, Croatia. It is organized by the Croatian Long Distance Swimming Federation that was inducted in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame as an Honour Organisation in 2012. The competition has developed over the last 37 years from a small provincial marathon swim into a world-class event drawing the international elite. The professional race is 16 kilometers in the sea of Stari Grad Bay on Hvar Island and takes place in the last week of August. 1,122 athletes from 42 countries have taken part in this international celebration of marathon endurance that one of the leading sports events in Croatia. Previously known as the Yugoslav International Long Distance Swimming Championships, the Faros Maratón was the only international event to continue in Croatia through the 1991-1992 war.
Faros Maratón is a part of the World Swimming Majors and is one of the World’s Top 100 Open Water Swims.


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