Domestic winners

The best Croatian swimmer was Duje Milan (KDP Split) with  time 3:07.32  took the second place. The second-best time of the Croatian swimmers was Ivan Sitic  (KDP Split) with a time 3:18:51, who finished eighth, and third Croatian swimmer (nineth in total)  was Grgo Mujan  (PK Mornar Split), with a time 3:20:20.

In the female competition of the Croatian swimmers won Karla Sitic (KDP Split, 4th, 3:24:59), second place took Antonija Bulicic (KDP Primorje Rijeka, 5th, 3:26:00) and Nika Percic (KDP Primorje Rijeka, 7th, 3:37:54) took the third place.