Dina Levacic becomes First Croatian to won the Triple Crown Project

dina-levacicDina Levacic is the first Croatian native to make the crossing of the channel La Manche. This morning she started from Dover (UK), and after almost 11 hours swimming she touched the French coast at 7.10 p.m.

This was the third and last of three swims required for Levacic to enter the elite ranks of the Triple Crown Project, a swimming marathon that must be completed in 90 days. In addition to the 20.2 miles she successfully swam across the channel La Manche, in August Levacic completed 20.2 mile swim from Catalina Island in south California, and in June she completed a 28.5 mile swim around Manhattan Island in New York.  Only 144 people are members of the Triple Crown “society” and only five of those have done it within 90 days. Dina is the sixth person in the world to complete the Triple Crown Project.

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We congratulate to Dina and hers team on this remarkable success!