38th Faros Marathon – Studzinski again

Alexander Studzinski’s fifth victory!


Alexander Studzinski (Germany) won again at the Faros Marathon. This is already a fifth victory for the current track record holder. Oussama Mellouli (Tunisia), Olympics gold winner and recent world champion in Barcelona, ranked fifth. The best Croatian swimmer was Duje Milan (KDP Split), who finished fourth with the new Croatian record of 3:06:24.

Matteo Furlan (Italy) was second with 3:04:08, while Vladimir Dyatchin (Russia), who already won Faros two times, finished third (3:04:09). The second-best time of the Croatian swimmers was Roko Copac (KDP Split), with a time 3:09:55, who finished sixth. The third-best Croatian swimmer (eleventh in total) was Ivan Sitic (KDP Split), with a time 3:20:16.


In the female competition Christine Jennings (USA) won and set a new track record 3:04:09. Second and third were Alexandra Sokolova (Russia, 3:14:48) and Jaana Ehmcke (Germany, 3:17:49). Of the Croatian swimmers Dina Levacic (KDP Split, 9th, 3:36:07), Nika Percic (KDP Primorje Rijeka, 10th, 3:36:08) and Lucija Aralica (KDP Donat Zadar, 13th, 3:56:34) were the best placed.
In total 35 swimmers (19 male and 16 female) participated at this year’s Faros Marathon. One swimmer did not finish.