41st Faros marathon

At one point it seemed that the victory in the 41. Faros marathon (the International Croatian Championship in long distance swimming which takes place every last Saturday in August) could finally go to a Croat. Duje Milan from Kastela was swimming alongside Matteo Furlan (27), the winner of the last two marathons, until the very last kilometer. But then, in the finish, the Italian left the 19-year-old Duje, who swims for Split, behind. With the final time of 3:05.07 Matteo scored the third win in a row, while Milan finished second with 3:07:32. Last year he was third. Read more

Stari Grad

In 384 B.C. here was happened history birth of the unique city of Faros. It was at the beginning of 99th ancient Olympics, following the arrival by sea of some Ionian Hellenics from the Cyclades island of Paros in the Aegean who come to the Adriatic and „having settled by the sea, founded a city“. It was the first Greek polis in the Adriatic, known as Pharos, with its laws, administration and money. Read more